23 things in 2023!

23 things in 2023!

In no particular order, these are the most memorable things of 2023:

1. My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage.

2. I invested in my business and completed an entrepreneur coaching program with Diana Davis Creative.

3. I left Etsy and started this online store.

4. Attended NCECA for the first time and met a lot of amazing potters (and came home with a LOT of new pots).

5. Upgraded my pottery wheel.

6. Started a pottery mold collection and dove head first into slip casting.

7. Participated in a lot of ceramics workshops, mostly virtually. 

8. Re-arranged my pottery studio (twice!).

9. Became obsessed with underglaze.

10. My mom and I took a trip down to Argentina, visiting friends and family and it was magical.

11. Participated in 17 in person markets (whoa! Market Recap)

12. Upgraded my booth displays (Vertical Ledge, ftw)

13. Met new people that inspire me everyday. (hi! Krishna).

14. Experimented with many techniques and finally found THE ONE (and I am SO excited about it).

15. Made the switch back to Dark Clay.

16. My daughter surpassed me in height and my son is right on her heels.

17. I stopped teaching yoga to focus more on my clay passion.

18. Read (ok, listened) to almost 100 books (let me know if you are interested in book recommendations).

19. Improved my pottery skills by leaps and bounds.

20. Gave myself permission to dream big and pursue those dreams (why not me, right?)

21. Went back to my Crossfit gym and realized how much I missed it.

22. Bought a toy capsule machine and had way too much fun filling it out with mini pottery charms.

23. Made myself proud in more ways than I can count (set boundaries, followed my heart, showed up for myself and others, said yes to things, said no to things, pivoted and then pivoted again... the list goes on and on)


What about you? What is one memorable thing for this year 2023?

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