Fall 2023 Market Recap

Fall 2023 Market Recap

Hi Friends!!!

I can't believe Fall 2023 is about to come to a close, it feels like it was just yesterday when all the pumpkin spice things and all the oranges and reds came back in season. It is not secret that Fall is my most favorite season of the year... There is just something so special about wearing sweaters with shorts and booties (here in the Carolinas the temps swing massively from morning to afternoon, so sweaters and shorts is a good combination).

Fall is also the season where we makers and small business owners ramp up, not just our production, but also our participation in local markets in the hopes that you will consider our handmade creations as you prepare for your gifting in the Holiday Season.

As the ramp up towards the end of December approached, I started experimenting with a new technique that now has my heart (expect to see a LOT more of it in the future) and was lucky enough to be able to participate in a few markets.


November 4th - Carolina Pottery Festival - Shelby, NC

A lot of festivals are typically held outdoors, so it was super refreshing to be able to participate in an indoor event. This year was my first time participating in the Carolina Pottery Festival, and it was a great opportunity to share space with almost 100 potters. 

I had a corner booth and was able to explore a new set up that I think worked amazingly. Not having to be concerned about weather, allowed me to set up my tables and shelves right at the outside border of the booth space; this made my colorful pieces more eye catching to all passers by.

Speaking of color, I was surrounded by all earthy tones, so I lovingly referred to my booth as "the color corner". People seemed to agree! I had an amazing time talking to folks and sharing my passion for all things clay and color. My best seller? Highland Cow Magnets and Noodle bowls!


December 1-3 - Christmas Market @ OMB - Charlotte, NC

What a festive location! And people came ready to SHOP. This was an outside event and the weather had different ideas for what it wanted to do each day.


It was off and on raining on Friday night. It was almost comical, people would start to gather around the fire pits (my tent was located right next to one) and then the rain would start.. sending everybody scattering to go find shelter for about 20 minutes. Rain would stop, people would start congregating and then the rain would come down again... This kept repeating over and over all evening on Friday. It was chilly and it was raining, not the best combination for leisurely strolling through a vendor village. LOL

Highlights of the day included having my friend Carlea come help me set up in the morning (see our smiling faces in the photo),

and having my mom be my helper extraordinaire (you can see her on the video below)


Saturday was a completely different story. While the sun did not make an appearance, the temperatures rose a bit and the rain stayed away. I reorganized my booth to highlight different products and the second side of the tent was open right away.

Kiln Koin also made its debut at this market and it was so much fun to interact with people and explain the process.

I loaded the machine with a lot of different charms (cats, dogs, pumpkins, frogs, mini-pots..) and after people played; I attached the charms to a tea strainer to make  a Mystery Tea Buddy. On the first day I had the machine right by my checkout cart and didn't get as much interest as I was hoping. But on Saturday I moved it right to the front of the booth and it was a hit!

Highlights of the day included having my husband helping me at the booth, return customers (always love seeing y'all) and my second glass of warm mulled wine (yes, I loved it that much).


Not gonna lie, three day markets are hard work. By day 3, my legs are asking me to please sit down and the tiredness level hit new highs. But, with CHNO coffee in hand (Carlea's brain and soul child) we rally and make magic happen. The weather on Sunday was also warm and mostly dry; this definitely helped keep the spirits up. I rearranged my booth once again and condensed the display by removing my A frame shelves. They were looking a little empty, so removing them was the right choice (not to mention making breakdown at the end of the market a little bit faster).

My daughter came to help me and I have to say she is a natural born sales person. LOL. She kept extolling all the virtues of my pots, so much better than I ever could. 

Throughout the whole weekend there were SO MANY DOGS and I loved every single one of them. I got to pet all kinds of breeds and sizes; but my most favorite ones were the pair of 12 week old Frenchies that a couple carried around in slings. I melted when I saw their squishy, wrinkly and uber soft little faces. It reaffirmed my belief that at some point, I will have one. HAHA (don't tell my husband).

Interactions with customers were also high on my list of favorite moments of this weekend; it is incredible to hear first hand how my pieces make an impact on my customer's lives.

Debuting so many new things at a market is not always easy, especially when your style is evolving and the work you are currently making is not exactly the same as what you made before. I was so excited to see people mostly drawn to my new things; it warmed my heart to know that the new direction I am pursuing is not something that only I love; but you do as well.

My best selling items for this weekend were noodle bowls, coffee mugs and, once again, Highland Cow magnets ( I think I sold all but 2 of them).


December 16th - Matthews Mainline Market - Matthews, NC

With the holidays fast approaching, people come shop at these local markets for their last minute gifts. I am always so thankful for people's support and for choosing my pots as gifts for their loved ones. It truly warms my heart.

This was my last in person market of the year and the coldest one too. I think I was bundled up from when I finished my set up, all the way until I got home and was able to warm up a little bit.

I had a couple early clients, prior to the market being officially open and then a spanish speaking lady stopped by the booth. My mom and I guessed that by her "type of spanish" she was from Argentina.. and sure enough when we got a chance to ask her; she confirmed! Even after being in the USA for as many years as I have been; I am still surprised when I meet other people from my home country.

The day seemed to pass slowly, and I think it was because I felt cold all day.. there is something about when you are not comfortable that makes the time tick by at a snails pace. The conversations I had were people were still wonderful, and remain one of my most favorite parts of in person markets. Some of you lovely people had seen my new mugs on instagram and came to look at them in person... only to realize I completely forgot a small bin of product at home. 

Didn't really have a best seller at this market. Sold some mugs, some noodle bows, some luminaries; it was a very random but successful day.

I discounted a lot of my older items to make room on my shelves for the new stuff that is coming and while I did sell some of them; most folks were more drawn to the new pieces. Can't explain what a great feeling that is.


I finish this fall market season/holiday season full of gratitude for all of your support. It allows me to keep creating, finding that creative groove and expressing myself through clay and all the possibilities it offers. I am taking a nice long break for the rest of December and will be back to creating once 2024 starts.

Once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.



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