Why the Daisy Collection?

Why the Daisy Collection?

Daisies are often associated with new beginnings, representing the start of something fresh and positive; making them a popular selection to symbolize a new chapter in life… so why not allow them to symbolize a new chapter on my pottery journey?

As I embarked on this new chapter in my creative endeavors, I found myself drawn to the idea of infusing my work with the transformative energy associated with daisies. These flowers, with their joyful presence and resilient nature, spoke to me on a deep level, reminding me  of the inherent beauty in embracing change and embarking on fresh beginnings.

By choosing daisies as the focal point of my collection, I sought to give my pottery the same sense of optimism and renewal that these flowers represent. I like to think about each piece in the collection as a testament to the idea that, much like daisies blooming in a field, creativity knows no bounds and can flourish in even the most unexpected of places.

Daisies hold a universal appeal that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Their timeless beauty and symbolic significance resonate with people from all walks of life, making them an ideal motif for my first collection of 2024.

The simplicity of their shape really allowed my love for color to be another one of the main focuses of this collection. By infusing my daisies with vibrant colors, I tried to evoke a sense of joy, energy, and positivity, in a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty.

The Daisy Collection not only celebrates the timeless beauty and symbolic significance of daisies but also serves as a testament to the power of color to evoke emotion and capture the imagination. Each piece is a unique expression of creativity and a reflection of my deep passion for both art and color. 








The Daisy Collection represents more than just a series of pottery pieces; it symbolizes a new chapter in my artistic journey—a chapter filled with optimism, creativity, and the endless possibilities that come with embracing change. Just as daisies herald the arrival of spring, so too does this collection mark the beginning of a vibrant and exciting new phase in my pottery practice.


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